It's January?

Non-typical January activities so far this month: family walks x2 in tennis shoes and without full winter gear, going to the park, picking up "Cooper Poop" without a coat, sweeping (not shoveling) the front step in a t-shirt, and driving on clear roads. LOVE IT! As I was on poop duty this weekend and wandering around my back yard, I even began to think about what I want to do in my yard next summer. Crazy! I am a little concerned about what no winter will do to my typical case of spring fever and the attention of my students. Yikes! How early can I start to remove sod???

Things I might miss a little (but only due to Josiah): sledding, building a snowman or a fort, making footprint, having a snow day! 

Hoping for a little snow for Josiah's sake, but clear roads for his momma's sake!

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