My "Little One" isn't So Little Anymore... (sniff...)

Update on Josiah after his 3 - year appointment:
Height = 40" (93%ile)
Weight = 42 lbs (99 %ile)
He's going to be bigger than me by 2nd grade!!! Yikes!

Other things I love: 
Knows almost all the letters (both upper and lower case) and their sounds
Knows his shapes and colors
Can count to 20 (most of the time)
Is officially potty trained (woohoo for no more diapers!)
Still loves to give Mom and Dad hugs and kisses
Loves to cook with Mom and horse around with Dad
Loves books, puzzles, legos, and any activity involving a ball
Can whack a golf ball across the yard and loves going to the course with Dad
On his way to being a night owl like his parents
So gentle with babies and animals
Drinks hot chocolate by the gallon
Waking up with him in the middle of our bed snuggled next to me (yes, I sleep through him crawling in or Jim going to get him)

There is nothing like being a mom!!! Love my little man sooooo much!!!

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