New Years "Resolutions"

So...how am I doing on New Year's Resolutions? Well...I'm not really calling them Resolutions, because that would mean that they WON'T be completed. Anyone else have the same problem? Here are a few of the things I hope to do better this year...

1. Go to bed on time and read at night --- well...this week I managed to turn in closer to my 10:00 target, and I did manage to finish a book I started reading last fall. Progress being made!

2. Eat healthier and prepare more home-cooked (not processed) meals --- this wasn't a gigantic problem before, but we definitely resorted to chicken nuggets or frozen pizzas a few times each month. Thanks to a suggestion from a Mary Kay friend, I have started freezer cooking and LOVE it! This week I've generated very few dirty dishes, haven't stressed out once about what we're going to have for dinner, and haven't annoyed my very patient (hah!) hubby with my daily call at 4:15 to ask "What should we have for dinner?" We've eaten delicious food all wee, and I've only needed to pick up milk, bread, and yeast at the grocery store! (Yes, yeast...I've found this absolutely AMAZING pizza crust recipe on Pinterest, and we now make homemade pizza weekly.) I CAN'T wait to continue cooking monthly with friends!!!

3. Read through the Bible in a year --- our church is reading through chronologically during 2012, and I have managed to read on a handful of days. My resolution will have to be to read as much as I can, and not sweat the days I miss. Maybe if I work on the bedtime resolution I'll be more likely to succeed in this too.

4. Simplify life --- ohhhhh this is going to take awhile. What our little house lacks in storage it makes up for in character and coziness; however, once I neglect to maintain organization in an area I dislike (ie: filing or our storage room of a basement) things quickly get out of hand. By the end of summer I hope to have slowly tackled our office and basement. And, maybe a few other things... Also part of this goal is reading "Living with Less So Your Family has More." I guess that could also fit with a few other goals too.

5. Go through photos and home videos --- dreaming!!! Need to learn to edit and compile home videos...this will need to happen after goal #4...

6. Focus on things that are truly important and not get wrapped up in insignificant details. --- waiting for my planner to arrive and can't wait to begin keeping track of everything in only one location! 

7. Spend more time with family and friends, and keep in touch with those who we don't see as often out of town. --- Learning how to blog and hoping to keep it updated! Next step...learn how to include photos!!!

Well, it's now midnight. So today, apparently, I'm not going to accomplish getting to bed on time or doing any reading, but at least we had a healthy dinner and I'm beginning my weekend with ALL my students' papers corrected! 

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  1. Apparently I made a few typos...oops! Will proof read next time! :)