How to Stay Awake & Drive Your Parents Crazy (by Josiah)

Apparently our son has adopted our night owl tendencies. This is GREAT in the summer when we all stay up til the sun goes down, and then he can sleep in until 8:30 everyday. This is NOT great during the school year when after bedtime is the only quiet time I have to accomplish anything work or fun-related, and we have to be up and out the door LONG before he'd like to crawl out of bed. 

Here are just a few of the lines I hear coming from his dimly lit (with 3 night lights, bedside lamp fading on a timer, and occasionally a flashlight illuminating one wall) bedroom:
  • Mom, can you flip my pillow? (he likes to sleep on the cool side)
  • Can you make this warm? (one night his comforter had come right out of the dryer, and now he regularly requests to pair his cool pillow with a warm blanket...ironic?)
  • Need to go potties.
  • Need to go poopy.
  • Can you turn the red light on? (the one that fades after half hour)
  • Can you snuggle a little bit?
  • Can you flip my pillow?
  • Need to go potties.
  • Can you snuggle me in?
  • I need my friends. (stuffed animals)
  • Can you put my friends in the living room?
  • Can you flip my pillow?
  • Wanna rock a little bit.
  • Can we read a book?
  • Can you cover me up?
  • I'm hot.
  • I'm cold.
  • Can you flip my pillow?
  • Need to go potties. 
  • Can you sleep a little bit?
  • Can you turn the red light on? (usually 3 times since most nights it takes at least an hour and a half to fall asleep)
  • Can I sleep in your bed?
  • I don't like sleeping by myself.
  • Can't sleep in my bed.
  • Can you flip my pillow?
AUGH!!! At least I still get to rock with him occasionally (as long as he asks before he's in bed), we both love to snuggle with books, and I have one sweetheart to love. Maybe one day we'll get back to falling asleep peacefully and I'll regain my quiet "me time" at night...

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