My Spring Break "Trip"

While many of my coworkers and students were off to Mexico, Hawaii, the Bahamas, etc, the Clarey family stayed home all week long. While we might not have a tan, we did love every minute of just being home and spending time together. Josiah and his Mama have decided that they could use another week, in fact! Here's a look at what we did!

Family shopping trip for new kitchen appliances! Woohoo!!! We now have a new microwave OVER our range (loving more counter space), complete with working light and vent. We've only needed that for the last 5 1/2 years!!! Still to be delivered...flat top range, dishwasher, and 3 new light fixtures!!! Now if we could just decide what we're going to do with our atrocious kitchen floor...

Lots of projects!!!

Planted sunflowers and herbs - he is SO excited to see the plants sprout! Our next planting projects are going to be a terrarium and a fairy garden for the backyard...go check them out at Baker if you are in Fargo!!!

Josiah also graduated to a larger carseat, picked out new shoes for spring and summer, played outside in our new gigantic snow pile, went sledding... What a week for him! He's going to need to go to daycare to recover from spring break!

I even went on my own organizational "trip" and tackled all those neglected piles of paper that I despise sorting to file, shred, or throw (invoices, bills, coupons, magazine articles, you name it...).  I should have taken a before picture of our office so that you can truly understand the magnitude of neglected filing. It doesn't help that in addition to being our personal office, the same room houses Jim's company office and my Mary Kay office and inventory (and it's only about 8x10 feet). For all the organizing I seem to do, we certainly were nowhere near functional. My mission included going through and relabeling every file in alphabetical order, going through stacks of unfiled documents, making a coupon binder, and getting a Home Management Binder set up (not done, but ready to start). I have almost touched every paper in our office, and I've determined that I need to have a deliberate plan for how to manage this (hence the binders). So excited to be rid of messes and on a mission to make sure it doesn't happen again!!! I realize this may not be the most impressive accomplishment to most people, but for us it was huge!

Here's my lovely coupon binder (my couponing friends will be so proud)!

Now I just need a second week off so that I can do my spring cleaning!!!

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