Lovely day!

Top 10 things that made today fabulous, even though I overslept this morning!
  • Started my day with a mocha from Caribou
  • Got to "work" today with 3 amazing teachers from WF. While working on our district curriculum for next year we shared a plethora of inspiring ideas and resources!!! Found some GREAT third grade blogs for inspiration / Pinspiration!!!
  • A colleague shared an idea that will solve my classroom organization woes...1 small bookshelf for each student table, complete with book boxes, text books, math toolkits, and kleenex!
  • Had a blast with Josiah at my school today while he "helped" me move things from my old room to my new room. He did make lots of messes, but for the first time he picked up each mess prior to making a new one without complaint! Ahhh...and he was in a great mood to top it off!!!
  • Ate on the patio at the golf course with my two favorite boys. Had a delicious wrap and fries (so unhealthy, but so good!)
  • Jim and Josiah made chocolate cookies...being a spectator for that was SO much fun.
  • Eating homemade chocolate chip cookies.
  • Two Pinterest projects --- extra special payment gift for Josiah's babysitter this week and snazzy thank you notes printed off to have on hand.
  • My laundry is done and the house it quiet.
  • Look what came today!!! I cannot wait to learn how to use this thing and combine my two favorite things...making things on my computer with cute fonts and being crafty! Hmmm...what to make first...labels for the pantry that I just reorganized or lettering for my classroom...

Ok...enough playing on my computer...it's 12:53...if I'm not mistaken one of my New Years Resolutions was to be in bed earlier so that I could read, rest, and be up earlier. Guess I'm not meeting that one this week...

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