Lake Belle Taine, August 2012

Oh, how we love the lake! Three years ago when our beloved Sunset Lodge on Potato Lake was sold to developers we weren't quite sure how'd we'd ever replace it, but my parents have definitely found us a new sweet spot. The greatest thing about them having a cabin is definitely being able to visit throughout the year, and not just one week each summer. I know we all feel instantly relaxed when we arrive, walk through to the porch, and savor that first deep breath as we take in the lake.

Last week was no exception to this. The weather was cooler, so we didn't live in the lake like we did over the 4th of July. Instead, we spent a lot of time at the golf course, fishing, or playing games. Since my entire family was there, we had non-stop entertainment from Josiah, Zoe, and Claire. It's so much fun to see how the three of them already love to be around one another, even though they're so young.

Highlights of the week for our family:

  • having my whole family there, and especially getting to love on our nieces Zoe & Claire
  • family range session at Headwaters (yes, I golfed too!)
  • using our new goggles to dive for golf balls in the middle of the lake (ok, so I floated out on my floatie while Jim dove, but someone had to supervise Josiah out there!)
  • breakfast at the Great Northern with just the mommies and kidlets while the daddies golfed
  • having my grandparents and aunt and uncle from Burnsville join us for a few days
  • multiple coffees at Bella Cafe
  • celebrating Zoe's 2nd birthday
  • flea market excursion, which produced a bag of marbles, Ziggy the Zebra beanie baby, & 3 painted rocks (2 penguins and 1 turtle)
  • Josiah outfishing Jim 24 to 4 off the dock
Favorite quotes from Josiah:
  • (As we're devouring breakfast at the Great Northern) "Mom, when you swallow your food does God get squished?" (We've been visiting a lot about how God lives inside us lately.)
  • "When I grow up I'm going to be a police officer so I can help chase the mean guys. Yeah, and then I can get a sword, and poke 'em in the butt!" (Jim started calling people who do bad things "mean guys.")
Favorite pictures! Enjoy!!!

In front of our favorite breakfast place...if you haven't been there you NEED to go. Order the french toast!!! 

All 3 kids love books...what a surprise with 2 librarians and an elementary teacher in the fam!

Getting ready to spot for my brother as he attempts water skiing for the first time in several years. Got up on the first try too!

Eating Uncle Gary's stir fry on the porch. My two adorable boys!!!

Who needs to swim when you can fish!?

Surprisingly, we haven't eaten at Compeneros in Dorset yet this year, but we did stop for ice cream and a quick picture on the infamous burro on our way back home.

My favorite way to enjoy the lake! Best floatie ever!!!

What a stud!

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