Oh, my sweet...

So the second round of trying to have a baby has not been easy and successful as the first time, and I am so sad that Josiah is almost 4 and without a sibling. Especially since he has been asking for a baby for almost a year. Here was our conversation tonight...heartbreaking on one hand, but a little comical on the other. Smiling through tears over this one...

Josiah: "Mom, after this day (his words for today) can we get a baby?"
Me: "No, we can't get a baby tomorrow."
Josiah: "Aw, why not?"
Me: "Because babies need to grow in mommies' tummies."
Josiah: "Is there a baby in your tummy?"
Me: "No, not right now."
Josiah: "How do babies get in your tummy?"
Me: "God puts them there. Should we pray tonight and ask God to put a baby in mommy's tummy?"
Josiah: "I want two babies! A brother and a sister! Can we ask God for that, Mom?"
Me: "Sure, we can ask God for that."
Josiah: "Ok, don't forget Mom!"

(Oh, and I forgot to mention that this conversation happened while he was doing his thing in the bathroom, and at this point I walked into the office to give him some privacy...)

Suddenly I hear..."God!" "God!!" "God!!!!" "Mom, I can't hear God talking to me!"

Which of course let to a conversation about how God can always hear us, even if we can't hear God speaking. His response to this was..."Mom, can we drive to heaven then?"

Only from the mouthes of babes...

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