Courage and Composure

How on Earth do any of us begin to consider the atrocity that Friday morning brought to Newtown, Connecticut? How do we consider that the grim circumstances are a situation that has been repeated in schools multiple times over the last decade? How do we consider that this time many of the victims should be of an age of innocence and unaware that this type of event happens, much less be the angels who were caught in the cross fire of these same circumstances? How do we possibly consider why this violence happens? How has this type of behavior repeated itself so often, and how do we possibly begin to combat it as a nation and as a society? We must begin to alter our culture from its current violent course, however difficult that might be. I don't know the answer to these questions, of course, but I have to trust that those in positions of power in our country will raise tough questions and demand answers. Questions possibly about the presence of weapons, as I've heard some suggest, or questions about monitoring and assisting those with mental health concerns. Questions about the presence of violence in our media, and at what age is this appropriate. Questions that are yet to be determined.

Tomorrow morning students who are the same age as those who were murdered will enter the doors of my school, and it's very likely that many of them will be aware of what's happened and be afraid. It's very likely that teachers and students across the nation will be uneasy for quite some time. The unfortunate reality is that this situation may very likely repeat itself again. So how do we as parents and teachers reassure ourselves, our children, and our students that we are doing everything in our power to keep them safe? The process of establishing lockdown and safety procedures was begun quite some time ago, and I know that this work will continue with renewed attention and energy. It must...

So as I continue through my time as a teacher, the most important thing I can do is pray. Pray for those who are grieving at this moment. Pray for protection for my school and my students, and for protection for my son when he enters school. Pray for peace and wisdom as I inevitably will need to address the concerns of my students tomorrow morning. Pray for courage and composure in case I am ever in the position that the teachers in Newtown were in. And if I do someday sacrifice myself for the safety of my students, I pray for strength and peace for my family. How grateful I am to know a faith that is real and a Savior that is in control, even in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.


The Adventures of Zip, Part 1

There's an elf in our house, and oh my gosh is he mischievous!!! I'm sure you can't possibly imagine who is behind all these little schenanigans (or all but the first). "Zip" arrived last Sunday morning and has been keeping tabs on Josiah for Santa. Can you guess what the first thing we do each morning is? Or at 3:00am when someone comes stumbling into our bedroom asking, "Did Zip come back from the North Pole yet?"

He ate the remaining Halloween candy, but not the gum balls in the cupboard!

On Wednesday at Josiah's daycare birthday party he got a mini beach ball from Miles (who he shares a birthday with). On the car ride home he told me he was worried about Zip popping it, and that we better hide it. He also told me we better not even tell Zip about the beach ball so he didn't know to look. Well, apparently Jim didn't get the memo, because when they said good night to Zip Jim told him to not pop the beach ball. Josiah immediately scolded, "Dad! You weren't supposed to tell him! Now he's gonna get it!!!" And he did! Luckily, though, he just swiped it and sat up on the curtain rod, and when Josiah was at daycare threw it back down. 

I wonder where he'll show up tomorrow morning?

Merry Christmas to Me!!!

I usually don't post about "getting stuff," but this week two things have arrived that I've been awaiting for a VERY long time and I'm just so unbelievably excited!!!

#1 --- My very own sewing machine!!! I have been secretly wanting my own machine for years...every so often I borrow my mom's to do some little project or mend something, and I've been very jealous of all the sewing my sister has done since staying home with her daughter. This fall I spontaneously began a sewing a quilt for Josiah thanks to the help of my wonderful friend and colleague Lori and her machine, and I decided it was time! Here it is!!!

Now...what should I sew first??? A book holder for the van, the minky baby blanket with my leftover quilt fabric, gifts for all my expectant friends, pillows for Josiah, floor pillows for my classroom...Pinterest here I come!!!

#2 --- Ever since I got my MacBook Pro (best computer EVER, if any of you are wondering) last winter I have been eyeing the computer bags from Ju Ju Be. For those of you who know me well you know that I have obsessions with bags in general, but especially with my Ju Ju Be diaper bag (ok, true confession...bags). Even though I love how grown up Josiah is, I secretly miss it...but it's a little ridiculous to carry a diaper bag along for a four year old little boy. Well, when I was searching for the perfect bag to haul my MacBook around in, which I just had to find, I discovered that Ju Ju Be made laptop bags. Oh happy day!!! Shortly after I discovered this, they appeared on the Steal Network (www.babysteals.com) but in the wrong pattern. I have been waiting for 11 months, but they finally reappeared on Monday. Look what was waiting for me when I arrived home after one busy week! I CANNOT wait to carry Ju Ju Be with me every day! Yessssssssssssssss! They really are that great!!!!!

So who wants to start a monthly crafty moms club!? I would love to open my house up for a Friday night / Saturday in January for anyone who would like to come over and sew, scrapbook, be crafty, digital scrapbook...kids could play in the living room and moms can set up wherever. I love to both spend time with friends and work on projects, but unfortunately I'm so stinking task oriented (and totally Type A) that unless I schedule it in I neglect both. Let me know if you'd like to join me and we'll figure out a weekend!!!


Ah bliss...

I must say there is no better way to end my day! Sitting on the couch after my sweet is asleep in my pjs with Friends reruns on in the background, getting to just sit. Sit...what's that? No interruptions, mixing productivity with pleasure trips to Pinterest...and just sitting. Have I mentioned that I'm sitting? The only thing missing is either a glass of wine or a cup of decaf coffee. Decaf is really what I want, but that's probably not a great idea at 11:40 when I really should be turning off the tv and getting into bed...oh, but it's just so hard to get off the couch when I'm sitting for the first time all day...