The Adventures of Zip, Part 1

There's an elf in our house, and oh my gosh is he mischievous!!! I'm sure you can't possibly imagine who is behind all these little schenanigans (or all but the first). "Zip" arrived last Sunday morning and has been keeping tabs on Josiah for Santa. Can you guess what the first thing we do each morning is? Or at 3:00am when someone comes stumbling into our bedroom asking, "Did Zip come back from the North Pole yet?"

He ate the remaining Halloween candy, but not the gum balls in the cupboard!

On Wednesday at Josiah's daycare birthday party he got a mini beach ball from Miles (who he shares a birthday with). On the car ride home he told me he was worried about Zip popping it, and that we better hide it. He also told me we better not even tell Zip about the beach ball so he didn't know to look. Well, apparently Jim didn't get the memo, because when they said good night to Zip Jim told him to not pop the beach ball. Josiah immediately scolded, "Dad! You weren't supposed to tell him! Now he's gonna get it!!!" And he did! Luckily, though, he just swiped it and sat up on the curtain rod, and when Josiah was at daycare threw it back down. 

I wonder where he'll show up tomorrow morning?

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