Game on!

So many things going on in my brain right now I don't even know where to begin! I am just SO excited that 2013 has started off on such a positive note. Shortly after I posted my New Years Resolutions a Facebook Friend posted that her theme for 2013 was going to be SIMPLIFY. Love that! That's totally the mode I've been in for the last 6 months and plan to continue in, probably forever since it applies to life in general. After seeing that I decided I needed a theme for my resolutions. Luckily I took a much healthier approach this year (loving that it's a lifestyle, not a checklist), so picking mine was almost instantaneous...HEALTHY BALANCE! Healthy balance in eating, exercise, work vs. personal life, organizing/cleaning vs. hobbies, time for myself / family / friends...it just fits everything! Thank you Kari for the inspiration!!!

The other thing I'm SO excited about is applying that Healthy Balance to my physical health. Yesterday we started a Biggest Loser competition at school, and (fortunately / unfortunately) I weighed in higher than I thought. Ouch!!! Major wake-up call! I was already gung-ho to start, and now I'm ALL in. No wonder I feel crummy and super self-conscious all the time! I know I'm not the most unhealthy person ever. We don't eat chips and other processed foods that regularly, I don't drink a lot of alcohol or have a mocha every day, and I don't smoke. However, I have never monitored portions, balanced my food groups, or been active other than walking all day long at my job or with Josiah in our neighborhood. Apparently turning 30 ends the time in life when your body can handle all that. Thank you Lorraine for  starting BL at school and now getting me going on learning how to calorie count and find some good resources on healthier eating. Woohoo!!! I'm totally on a roll toward my resolution #1: be healthier!

Here's what I have so far:
  • Count calories --- thank goodness Lorraine introduced me to the My Fitness Pal app! What did I do before my iPhone!? Click here for the website!
  • Exercise --- 3 days a week at school with my "Biggest Loser" friends, and either at home on the weekend or maybe a gym. Family Wellness is so appealing with their pool and classes, and even though it's right by our daycare it's SUPER far from our house. Anyone use Anytime Fitness???
  • Pull my family into this clean eating plan. Jim's in his non-golfing season (not by choice), and Josiah is growing like a weed and on a mission to be "stronger than Dad." May need to do a share from Bluebird Gardens again this year!
  • Sites for recipes:
I would LOVE to hear your comments on how you've been successful in your weight management endeavors as well as your sources for recipes and info on eating healthier!

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