He's unleashed the beast!

Well, I went from having the most hideous floor in Fargo...

...to having the most to-die-for-GORGEOUS floor thanks to my amazing hubby and all his skills...

No more linoleum, no more duct tape transition, no more scrubbing things that won't come off...hello beauty, seamlessness, and low maintenance!!! Six and a half years was well worth the wait for this!!!

So...of course I'm now on the verge of exploding with new ideas for how to organize and redecorate our home. It may be small, but it's comfy cozy (with the exception of the basement) and now on the brink of become oh so beautiful. Here's what I'm already planning (Jim would be rolling his eyes right now if he were reading): repaint the kitchen some shade of latte/mocha to complement the floors and woodwork, the "not-so-bad" 60s countertop is now the eyesore, the broken kitchen faucet might need replacing, build the wall storage / cubbies / lockers for the back door space, split our sectional into two separate pieces and rearrange the living room, find a rectangular (maybe upholstered) ottoman (make on my own?) and recover the throw pillows on the couch, paint the master bedroom and sew my own custom designer bedding, add something fun to Josiah's room (maybe paint a stripe pattern of some sort?), and the office...OH, the office...the most challenging space in our house. Two small businesses + a home office for our family in one small 10' x 10' (at best) bedroom = disaster! I've been collecting ideas on Pinterest for months, and now one of my favorite blogs (I Heart Organizing) has been posting a plethora of home office organization projects all month. Hmmm...do I take notes? No, I pin! Actually, I'm pretty sure the author is my identical twin in terms of personality and interests, only with blond hair and living in Wisconsin. LOVE how she creates such beautiful, functional, and clutter-free spaces. May need to follow her lead, unleash my totally type A side, and start making lists of all the things we need in our office. Get ready for a whole slew of posts on home improvement projects!

Now, if someone could just clean up my house after our flooring installation so I could get started that'd be great! Any takers? :)

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