Just have to brag a little...

After a summer of allowing myself to only finish projects I permitted myself to start a new project in September. Instead of focusing on the little life that didn't arrive as planned, I decided to celebrate the little man who I do get to spend time with every day. I have wanted to make him a "big boy" quilt, and just sew a quilt in general for SO long, and I treating myself to starting this project turned out to be GREAT medicine for the soul. I never would have completed it without the help of my friend Lori, who walked me through step by step, let me invade her home and use her machine, and ironed my strips while I sewed. I ended up enjoying it so much that I now have my own machine! 

Here it is!!!

And here's the second project I started and my mom completed (I designed and cut, and she sewed and appliqued). This was one of Josiah's Christmas presents from Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Blake! He also got 3 eye patches and 2 headlamps, and when we went to Barnes and Noble we picked up the Melissa & Doug pirate costume. Who wants to come for a playdate?!

Hmmm...now which sewing project should I tackle next: bean bags, minky blanket, pillows for Josiah's room, "floor poofs" for my classroom, quiet books for car trips, burp cloths to stash for baby gifts, or the door knob silencer from Pinterest...

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  1. I love this Laura! It turned out sooo cute! And, I'd love details on the tent you made---emma and adrina might need something in pink and purple!