Cutest boy, ever!

Ok, so I know every mom on the planet thinks her kid is the cutest one, but Josiah really is...trust me! Here are just a few of the things he's said in the last few days...

Last Wednesday when we were eating at Grazies the waiter brought our food before Josiah's. As he was walking away from the table Josiah turned to us and said, "Aw, how come he didn't bring my food first? Doesn't he think I'm cute?!"

One of Josiah's favorite book series is Where's Waldo, thanks to Jim, and he knows all about all the additional people and objects to find. He even knows that Odlaw (Waldo spelled backwards) is Waldo's arch-nemesis (or "the mean guy") and follows him to all the different places trying to steal his cane (or whatever object is Waldo's). So as we were driving home one night I'm smiling to myself as I watch him reading in the back with one knee propped up in his carseat and the gigantic Waldo book open and completely covering him, when out of the blue he comments, "I hope Odlaw gets a sunburn!" (there's a beach page where half the characters are noticeably burned, and we've had lots of conversations about sunburns and sunscreen with him inheriting my always pale skin) I responded with the proper mom comment of, "That wasn't very nice!" To which he answers, "Yeah, but Odlaw's mean!"

Last (for now, until I remember another and update the post), the last two days have been very stormy in Fargo with lots of accidents. Yesterday after church we saw a van on it's side along the interstate and many onlookers rushing to help, so it must have just happened before we got there. He also overheard us talking about yesterday's fatality accident on I-29, because when I came home at noon today after West Fargo sent staff home he came running over to me, gave me a huge hug, and then told me, "I was worried that you were going to get in an accident and die." I felt so bad that he apparently has been worrying about that this morning, but totally amazed by his ability to hear about something that's happened to others and empathize with them or relate the situation to his life. It also leaves me wondering if it's better to censor some of the sad or scary things that happen around us from him until he's a little older, or if it's ok for him to be exposed so that we can talk about it as a family to help him understand what's happened and how to respond. Oh, how I wish I could protect him from heartache...he has such a soft heart...this fall there was a skunk on the side of the road that we passed every day for about 2 weeks on the way to daycare. After he finally realized that the skunk wasn't living any longer he was so worried that the skunk's family would miss him. Lord, please keep his heart soft and loving, but not vulnerable!!!

This was supposed to be a funny post based on the first two quotes, but somehow I turned sentimental. Oopsies! Sorry about that!!! Guess I'll sign off before I get too sappy and tackle the planning and grading I brought home for the afternoon. Happy Monday afternoon from home, everyone!!!

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