I should be cleaning...

...so I'm blogging instead! We have had a whirlwind spring and first few weeks of summer, and unfortunately I've missed sharing some wonderful, hilarious, sweet, and monumental events. I'll do my best to remember and document them over the next few weeks!

So here's a snapshot of the Clarey's currently:

Jim - 's business is going WELL (www.nahfloors.com)! He is booking jobs into September right now, has hired 2 employees (one full-time and one part-time) and is looking for a third (full-time). When he is not working he is either hanging with us at home or golfing (which also happens daily at home).

Josiah - is totally living it up this summer. He's sleeping until 9:30 some mornings (shocking, considering he typically sleeps no later than 7:30, even if he goes to bed super late), riding his bike every day and just figured out how to turn around in driveways so he can go up and down our sidewalk, playing independently in the back yard, snuggling in his new big bed with a big pile of books, and exploring the great outdoors. One of his new favorite things to do is hit balls in the backyard and either try to get them stuck in the pine tree or hit them over the fence into the neighbors (and then ride bike around and throw them all back over the fence). Good thing they like us! His new favorite word is "definitely," and he's definitely full of words. Suddenly he's adding in all these great descriptions. Of course the only one I can remember is, "Why couldn't you hear me, Mom?! I was talking louder than a lion can roar!"

Laura - is actually feeling relaxed and enjoying summer! I am planning to not work in my classroom until August 1st. I have never done that...ever...I did bring a few books home to read (ok, like 8 or 10, so probably more a shelf than a stack), but they are not at the top of my list just yet. After being out of town for the first 10 days of summer and then throwing a garage sale together in 2 days I need to fix our disaster of  a house first. Yikes! Oh, and my Mary Kay business is blossoming as well! I'm currently working on earning my first free car and moving into a leadership position. Woohoo!!!

All the extra tidbits:

Excited for - my chalk paint class and painting a whole bunch of things. Josiah to go to Prairie Preschool at Buffalo River State Park.

Eating - the first box of our CSA from Bluebird Gardens and loving it! Josiah and I devoured and entire cucumber together the first night, and thanks to the farm's personal chef we grilled our head of romaine last night for our salad. Let's just say that I will definitely be grilling lettuce all summer.

Focused on - wrapping up selling the last of the garage sale items and cleaning out clutter so we can clean and organize the rest of the house. When I say ORGANIZE I mean really organize. Summer is the only time when I can really get the entire house updated and restructured to fit our changing needs. Good thing I love doing it!

Outside - biking, finishing up spring yard maintenance (yes I realize I'm behind...), golf - mostly Jim and Josiah, but hopefully me too after I get my clubs out of the basement...

Relaxing - hopefully around a fire beginning today! Jim's got scrap wood coming out of his ears, and what better way to dispose of it than by sitting around a fire in the evening! Better stock up on smore supplies...

Sewing - nothing yet, but lots of projects are in the plans!

The things I'm avoiding - a huge pile of mail, starting laundry, cleaning up the pile of clothes in our bedroom...

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