I love fall...and reading...

Jim absolutely hates raking and has informed me that if, someday, we build our dream house, it must be away from the presence of trees. Haha! Lucky for him he married a girl who likes to be in the yard, but, unluckily for him, I won't live without trees. Good thing we are nowhere near ready to build a house! Fortunately, we both love New England style homes, so at least we'll agree on one aspect of the exterior!!!

Anyway, fall is absolutely my favorite season. I love the crisp air and leaves crunching beneath my feet, I love homemade soups and putting away harvest for winter, I love curling up in a hooded sweatshirt or under a blanket after having complained for the last few months about how it's so hot outside! Maybe, most of all, this year, I love that after I can't remember how long, I have this unquenchable desire to read, something I used to do ALL THE TIME. There must be 15-20 books on the shelf next to my bed that have book marks about 1.57 chapters in. All great books, yet I couldn't finish one. Not sure if I went through a dry spell or if I should blame it on being a busy mom, but OMG do I want to curl up with a book!!!

Just finished: Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli and Flora and Ulysses by Kate DiCamillo

Currently reading: Because of Winn-Dixie (going to start a novel study on that this week), Notice and Note (taking a class on this one), and Growing Readers. 

Reading Next: Masterpiece by Elise Broach and Igniting a Passion for Reading (followed by a whole list of books to use with my fourth graders)

Augh!!! So fun!!! Yep, I'm officially back to being a crazy teacher...don't be surprised if you wander past my room and I'm practically jumping out of my skin or scaring the pants of my students because, yep, I'm the teacher who screams when the characters scream in our read alouds. Whoops! :)

What are you reading? And what were your absolute books from when you were around 10 years old-ish?

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