30 Days of Thankful

Every November on Facebook I see any number of my friends begin to list what they're thankful each day. Some years I love reading them, but to be honest some years it drives me crazy. (No offense to anyone!) Maybe those years I wasn't feeling particularly thankful, or maybe my Facebook feed went crazy overrun with all those extra posts. So how ironic is it that this year I am feeling so overwhelmingly thankful for so many things that I'm compelled to write daily? Well? I'm going to start my list via blog so that only those who want to read can check in and read when you want, and I'll update the same post so that it doesn't make a blog post mess. Yep! That's my plan!

November 1 - I'm not thankful that Josiah got the flu, but I am thankful that he did it on the day after Halloween. In case you're wondering...that's every teacher's least favorite day of the school year. :)

November 2 - I'm thankful for Josiah and for his sweet heart. I love waking every morning to his smile, hugs, snuggles, and energy. I am so thankful for his active mind and eagerness to learn. How can my baby be almost 5 years old, though...I am not thankful for how quickly time flies by...I'm not ready to have a kindergartener next fall...yikes!!!

November 3 - I am thankful that I now work 3 minutes from home and can much more easily prep for a sub. I'm especially thankful that when I arrived tonight there were no other staff members present to witness my inexplicable appearance and pjs.

November 4 - Thank God Josiah likes his new daycare! After 4 years with our Katie it was so hard for both mom and J to change to a center. Today he complained that Jim picked him up too early, and he only got to do 2 centers. Also thankful that they are only 2 minutes away instead of 20-25, they feed him breakfast, he comes home singing songs, and that Jim can much more easily get him so I'm not 99.9% responsible for all transportation...just 98% now...

November 5 - Josiah had dental surgery today to crown his molars, which unfortunately inherited my poor enamel. I am SO thankful that no teeth had to be extracted and that we didn't need to go the spacer route. Especially thankful that there were no complications with anesthesia since that is what I had myself all freaked out over.

November 6 - After 2 rounds of flu, surgery, and 3 days off of work in a row, I'm so glad to be back to "normal!" (normal = at school)

November 7 - I'm thankful to be hungry! I'm also so proud to be part of the Mary Kay family as I sit here watching Project Runway. Wow! What a fabulous company and product!!! (And yep, I actually watched a TV show tonight...that is thanks to Mary Kay too since I can't remember the last time I watched something other than Friends reruns or HGTV)

November 8 - Thankful for a night to hog Josiah while Jim whines about his cold. Love every minute with my little boy...running errands and chatting away the whole time, snuggling on the couch for a movie, & staying up late on a Friday!

November 9 - SO THANKFUL THAT MY IN-LAWS WERE ABLE TO COME VISIT TODAY!!! We see them so infrequently, here even less. Today was a joy as Josiah roped them into doing puzzles, golfing, reading books...oh, and we enjoyed a fabulous meal a Doolittles together. Why don't we eat there more often???

November 10 - Thankful for an entire day at home to do house-stuff & find such a fabulous list of gift ideas for Josiah (both birthday & Christmas in the same month...yikes!)...can't wait to shop, wrap, & watch him tear them open! Favorite part of today = setting up our Christmas tree...with Josiah, of course. :)

November 11 - I am thankful for a day to do whatever I want to do! After 4 years of teacher-only daycare this option to utilize daycare on my days off is HEAVEN! I usually keep him home, at least part of the day, but today after bringing him mid-morning I got my haircut, went for lunch, ran errands, started Christmas shopping...oops...working on report cards and spending the day at school were also on the list...next time!!! (maybe)

November 12 - I am thankful that my in-laws brought me an office chair. I am sitting AT my desk with padding under my bum without a backache. Yes!!! It's the simple things...

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  1. The facebook feeds for the thankfulness sometimes feel forced in my opinion. I like it much better on blogs. Not sure why though. Josiah seems like a sweetie!