Ready to Ride!

Took part of the afternoon off to do some online perusing with Josiah for ideas for his birthday party. Last year I fully intended to do a party after the holidays, but without an actual birthday and the presence of an awful winter (the plan was to do a sledding party) it just didn't happen. So this year I'm going to be a much better mom and start planning a month early. Can you guess what our theme is going to be? Yep...bikes! Josiah and I ran down to Unglued on Broadway so we could check out the new fabrics that Modern Textiles just stocked...what perfect timing!!! So excited to use these for decor and favors!!!

While we were there I just couldn't leave these two...the print on the left I've used before and LOVE, and the one on the right is just absolutely gorgeous. I see some beautiful baby gifts for some of my beautiful friends in the near future! 

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